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About Parallels Coupon

We have good relationships with Parallels company therefore we are able to provide you their download versions of the products with best coupon codes, promotional offers, special discount price, discount coupons, promo codes, voucher codes, get best selling and award winning product for running Windows applications on MAC in the Internet. As an authorized Parallels affiliate partner we have the ability to offer our visitors exclusive Parallels coupon codes.

Click on the link "Use Coupon", "Use Discount" or "Use Promo" next to the Parallels product you wish to get with special reduced and cheapest price. If you already have previous versions of Parallels software the best choice for you would be download upgrade version. In some cases special promotion offers and coupons are already included into the buy link so all you have to do is to use "Buy Now" button.

When you purchase any Parallels software you will immediately receive the serial number and download link to your e-mail address which you have used during checkout process. Pay attention that in your shopping cart you have the ability to order so called "backup disc". The backup disc contains installation file for the program you order. Note that a backup disc can not be purchased separately. Additionally you can add "Extended Download Service" to your order, which is a secure download link for the software you purchase. So in case you completely lost Parallels software you can re-download installation files anytime and everywhere.
Parallels awards
MacTech Labs - Gaming Under Parallels Desktop 6
20 popular Windows games. How playable are they? Gaming Under Virtualization.
Good Housekeeping - Best Products
Parallels Eases the Pain of Switching to a Mac or Upgrading Your PC with Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, Parallels Desktop 6 Switch to Mac and Parallels Desktop for Upgrading to Windows 7.
Macworld – Editors’ Choice Award 5/5 Stars
Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Provides Even Better Performance for Running Windows on a Mac.
PC Advisor – Expert Rating Award 5/5 Stars
Run Windows applications alongside your Mac applications more efficiently than ever. There's now a Parallels app that enables you to run your Windows virtual machines on an Apple iPad or iPhone… it's remarkable to see Windows running on the screen of an iPad.
Parallels Coupon

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VMware Fusion 7 Review

Ditch your PC and safely run your favorite Windows programs alongside Mac applications, and keep using your Windows-only devices on your Mac. Run Windows 7 on Mac and get Windows applications performance without impacting the power of your Mac. VMware Fusion delivers best-in class graphics support for Windows, including the latest Aero animations in Windows 7 and advanced 3D graphics for avid gamers.

Loaded with 20+ new features, VMware Fusion 7 delivers a 35% boost in overall performance, up to 5X faster 3D graphics performance and even more Mac-like simplicity for the best Windows-on-Mac experience ever.

New Features in VMware Fusion 7

Take advantage of faster than ever end-to-end performance and improved 3D graphics. Greatly improved Windows Aero performance and OpenGL 2.1 support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 delivers up to 5X better 3D graphics performance.  Experience faster application launching, more seamless scrolling, quicker resume from suspend, and better overall disk performance. Additional improvements to make your experience more simple and “Mac-like” include support for overlapping Unity windows in Expose and Dock Expose, as well as the new “USB EasyConnect” feature to easily assign USB devices to your PC or Mac.
Ultimate Windows Experience

Get the ultimate Windows experience on the Mac with the WDDM 1.0 driver, and make the most of Windows 7 with Windows Aero and Flip 3D animations. Animated transitions to and from full-screen view and expanded third party application support deliver convenient new ways to fully appreciate Windows on your Mac. From the simple installation of Windows to its everyday use, VMware Fusion was designed to give you the ultimate Windows Experience on the Mac.
Fusion 4 – Switch to Mac and Run Windows Without R
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